Elves of Cormanthor

The Beginning - Elves of Cormanthor

The forest of Cormanthor was long the place of the elven empire of Cormanthyr. It is a large, dense forest made up of a variety of species of plants, including some trees that can grow over 100’ (30m) high deep in the woods. It is largely abandoned today because of the Retreat, when over 90% of the elven inhabitants left for Evermeet or other places in the west.3 It remained a large mysterious forest with old secrets for many centuries and only recently, with the revival of Cormanthyr, has it come alive again. Decades have passed since the elves have returned and 4 villages have been the basis of this renewal. The villages are each of the following Elven races: Moon, Wood, Sun and Wild. Because of the vastness of the forest, dark creatures still lurk about and prohibit the safety of the new elves. The four villages decided to create a fifth village where their sons and daughters would be trained together to fight and protect the new kingdom now being built. Here we start our story.



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